Boris & Alexander Babayan - Artists Father and Son

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Boris & Alexander Babayan - Artists Father and Son
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As a real artist Boris Babayan always appreciated the beauty and found different ways to express it in his works. Whatever he did: made beautiful paintings or interior decorations - everywhere his unique style and the attitude towards the ancient history and its motives are visibly guessed. Since time was going on early in his youth he realized that paintings and decorations are not enough for him and he created his own style of chasing: the unique art technology that hardly has any analogues in the world. Plate by plate he was hand engraving genius compositions of different precious metals, enamel and the scenes from ancient Georgian history became alive under his hands. His deep artistic nature was always inspired by historical motives - as an intelligent man he always knew that both the present and future is always closely connected with the past, with the history, with the heroes from the past and the culture. He also appreciated the urban style, having been a talented decorator he could represent the old city and its unique colour. When a child little Alexander was always watching deliberately his Dad working and he could even forgot about meal and sleep for hours. Day by day he was behind the chair of his artistic father and absorbed each moment of the artist's work. After years he became the main assistant of his father, his right hand as not only one love to the art work made him do it but his own talent and mastery and artistic skills. Today they create together the art works side by side and their mutual understanding and talent is the guarantee of their profitable art work and the success of their Company

1.Saint George 1,german silver,golden,cold enamel,100x800

Boris Babayan and Alexander Babayan - Saint George

2.Istanbul.Copper plated with sterling silver and gold,cold cloisonne enamel.80x60cm

Istanbul - Boris and Alexander Babayan

3. Dance With Butterflies.Turkish style.German silver,brass and cold cloisonne enamel.58x47cm

Dance with buttrerflies - Brois Babayan-Alexander Babayan

4.The Georgian National Holiday (Bericaoba),Copper,p1120x1160

Boris and Alexander Babayan - The Georgian National Holiday (Bericaoba)

5.Bathing Women.German silver,brass and cold cloisonne enamel.90x90cm

Alexander and Boris Babayan - Bathing Women


Tbilisoba,Georgian holiday of capital city. Boris Babayan and Alexander Babayan


Justice.Boris and Alexander Babayan


Boris And Alexander Babayan.Winners,Brass,650x570

9.Saint George killing Dragon.German silver,brass.68x54cm.

Saint George killing Dragon.Boris Babayan and Alexander Babayan

10.Tbilis.Capistal of Georgia..Copper plated with sterling silver and gold,cold cloisonne enamel.90x70cm

Tbilisi.Capital of georgia.Boris Babayan and Alexander Babayan


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