This man has spent 3 years on the treatment of the wounded crocodile.In return he received a best friend


What do you know about crocodiles? Surely that is a ferocious predators who do not know pity. And they have a very strong bite. If your hand hit the jaw crocodile, it is better to leave it in your memory, because will not turn to pull. And it is believed that the crocodiles have no emotional attachments. Many people have grown crocodiles and thought that they were able to establish a relationship with them, but sooner or later the instinct of a predator still worked. Therefore, today's story is even more incredible ...

A guy named Chito always helped animals, because he felt a continuous connection with nature. Once he found a little wounded crocodile and decided to cure it. Spending on all 3 years of life, Chito reached desired. Since that time has passed more than 20 years, but a giant crocodile, named Pocho, still loves Chito always glad to see him.

Chito says: "Pocho does not bite me, because he respects. He loves when I go to him in the water, and missed, if I did not come for a long time ... "

Unfortunately Pocho has died of old age. He was buried with great honors, almost like a human. For Chito it was a huge blow, but we hope that it will always support the incredible feeling that emerged between a man and a cold-blooded reptile.

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06/24/2015 00:46
Hello Amanda,this is really amazing story! I could not imagine that crocodiles could be attached by emotions to human. I have to share it with my friends :)
06/24/2015 00:58
Look at this crazy guy ,I would not even think about doing it!

06/24/2015 01:06
Wow,Why are people run the risk so stupid? I cannot understand
06/24/2015 01:34
Many people are crazy.Watch this video,some crazy guys are riding the shark. It is seems really scary

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