Derinkuyu underground city in Cappadocia

Derinkuyu underground city in Cappadocia
Photo credit: Nevit / Wikimedia Commons

Derinkuyu underground city still remains to be more the mysterious secret of ancient history. Cappadocia cave suites of this amazing underground structure can amaze anyone with their majestic forms.
Derinkuyu underground city was found accidentally when one of the householder in that area decide to dig under his house to make bigger his basement. That man was glad to discover the big hole under his home as he did not need to dig any more,but after exploring the cave he found out that it was something much more bigger than one cave.
It was huge underground city going deep into the earth. It was discovered 8 levels where the depth reached up to 60 meters.

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Tourist map of Derinkuyu Underground City (en Español)

Each certain part of the city were hermetically closed with massive stone doors of rounded shape.
Stone door could be rolled only from one side of the aisle and it was tightly sealed, on the other side of the tunnel there was not any possibility to open the door. The city has numerous compartments that can be overlapped with those doors.
Until now, a great number of doors in the closed position and scholars was not possible to study them.
In the province of Nevşehir Province have found more than 200 underground cities. All these prehistoric underground cities are linked with multi kilometer tunnels
Still it is unknown the purpose of these underground cities. These mystical city is shrouded in mystery of ancient history. Many tunnels are still firmly locked and no one knows what is behind them, and what secrets they hide.

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circular stones would seal access to the passageways (courtesy thingshappendownhere)

Watch a video about theDerinkuyu underground city in Cappadocia presented by Iran Zartoshti below:


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