Women harem pants

Women harem pants
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Harem pants (Aladdin, Turkish trousers) is a very wide trousers gathered at the ankles of the gum or on the cuffs. Wide trousers are the national dress of the peoples of Eastern countries, where they still enjoy great popularity.

They were created by members of the nomadic tribes that have focused more on comfort and practicality than the beauty of the clothes. And because trousers had to be free, not to cause discomfort while driving, in addition, under the trouser leg was not supposed to penetrate road dust (hence the assembly of the ankle). Initially trousers were unisex clothing, they were the same men and women, and shaped them absolutely no difference. To date, this article of clothing came into fashion in many countries, with became extremely feminine, although in the Eastern countries, men still continue to wear harem pants.

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Women's pants, trousers today are presented in a wide variety of models, they differ in the fabric, style, style. And depending on all these factors, they may be winter and summer, holiday and humdrum. Pants trousers traditionally have a low waist, the hips, they kept using the eraser or fine lace, however, some models may have waistband and zip. They are sewn from natural fabrics - knitwear, calico, satin, silk and even denim that soft waves along the entire length gradually coming down.

The color scheme also varied trousers. Pants for more formal setting, usually monochromatic - black, white, brown, blue. For everyday option trousers can be either self-colored, with bright colors - crimson, gold, acid colors and colorful - with stripes, peas, flower, with all sorts of colored inserts. Models trousers for special occasions can be made even from translucent fabrics of different colors and have large incisions on the sides. Wear these pants complete with black shorts, so as not to look too frank and vulgar.

Length pants trousers different - often they are tight-fitting cuff ankle, although there may be shorter, up to mid-calf, just below the knee.

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To fit harem pants

Harem pants the same look good on slender tall girl, plump and low girls disguising weaknesses and emphasizing the dignity of every silhouette. They often can be Drawstring waist corset or girdle, located on the hips, which are perfectly hide figure flaws, such as protruding belly or too wide hips.

In addition, this style of pants practically dimensionless, as it does any female figure graceful and exciting. Legs non-ideal shape, no waist, big buttocks, everything is hidden under the wide trousers, leaving around a huge room for imagination.

Owners of the waist with the help of the style pants are, on the contrary, to demonstrate their advantage.

What to wear with harem trousers

Pants-trousers, on their own, very extensive and eccentric, so head to him to be more modest, better fitting. Summer pants of style should be combined with a narrow T-shirts decorated with oriental ornaments, or topom with corset and straps, and in the cold - a knitted turtleneck, close-fitting jacket or coat without shoulder pads and even classic jumper. If you want to make an image of an original and eclectic, that such trousers can be worn loose shirt with long or short sleeves and tie a knot in front of her.

Shoes must conform to the breech Oriental style. There are equally good looking and neat shoes with thin heels (the image of Scheherazade), and sandals with braided straps and flat shoes, and the more straps and tangles, the more original outfit will look. Some extravagant beauty afford to wear harem pants with rough shoes or boots on the platform, and I must say, they do not spoil. The main thing that was better than dark trousers solid color and top them accordingly - turtleneck with a high collar or coat with big metal buttons.

Outerwear for pants bloomers should be short - to the waist or mid-thigh, but in any case no longer. It will look good very brief waisted leather jacket, fur coat or a coat.

It should be noted that the pants of the rather unusual style, they themselves are decorated along, and therefore require little or no accessories.


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