Building my dream with MegaCryptoPolis blockchain game.

Building my dream with MegaCryptoPolis blockchain game.
Big news this summer will change online game industries forever .
MegaCryptoPolis is launching online multiplayer strategy game that allows players from all over the world to build their own piece of new mega crypto world and profit from it with real earnings.
The online game culture presented in our lifes very heavily which creates billion dollars industry.
MegaCryptoPolis is an early bird based on the leading blockchain tehcnology which is promising to be number one game in the nearest future.
Blockchain technology becomes more efficient and are used in our daily lifes.
In nearest future all possibles aspects will be switched to blockhain networks like Etherium ,and who was first they always win.
MegaCryptoPolis is future of gaming industry.

Bitcoin ecosystem - cryptocurrency in games

Couple years ago had started cryptocurrency rush . First cryptocurrency Bitcoin was growing abnormally high. The information about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies was not spread as mush as now days. Therefore who was first early bird and got bitcoin they become rich.
This is a good chance to grow your financial success by participating in Mega Crypto Polis.
Players can purchase blocks of land to construct their own buildings which will grow in price with time .
Land owners can build,buy and sell different types of realestate : a residential building, shopping mall, entertainment facility, factory or even a mining site ― it is a choise of the player.
It is like a real life where you have a chance to get piece of wealth for pennies in the beginning and sell after it brings huge profits.

buy land with bitcoin

Variety of types of real estate is available. Each of them has its influence on the surrounding area and brings different amount of profits for owner. But keep in mind for construction ,player needs to have a block of land which is available to purchase with Etherium. The minimum initial price of any block of land varies between 0.01-0.015 ETH. Each piece of land will significantly grow in price itself like in real life but the real estate can produce much more profits except its value.

Buy real estate with bitcoin or cryptocurrency

All players are equal in their ability. But if you will take your chance and try to become powerful boss ,you have a chance to own whole Districts or build Mega Buildings.
Which gives much more influence on price on surrounding blocks,power to manage blocks and get much more profit in the form of taxes.

cryptocurrency taxes - bitcoin trades with taxes

This game like a real life - you get what you do.
But in MegaCryptoPolis you have a chance to do more as you will be at early stage of creating the new crypto world.
You can gather influence points, as you will have chance to own a building or a resource. And it is obvious that the amount of influence points generated by a building depends on the level of the building and here you can achieve as high level as possible if you act fast and in time.

grow with bitcoin and etherium

It is very interesting and fun way to change something in this new upcoming world with your own efforts.
World is changing and we have to follow new fresh air.
MegaCryptoPolis inspired me very much and gave some stimulus to participate in something new and promising for me.
Take a look at MegaCryptoPolis website and request the white paper to read more info.
Here is the websire address:
And also you will find there the bounty which also gives some chances to get some blocks of land for free,
Take a part and see you soon there guys!

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Thank you very much for your nice article about exiting new game.
I am going to participate and hope I will rich some great points.
Yeap why not if it is really chance to make good deal of money in future.
Thank you for reading!
Good idea to be part of something new and promising!