Love for show: 16 sexual fantasies embodied in sculpture

Love for show: 16 sexual fantasies embodied in sculpture

Erotic sculptures

More than 10 years ago in South Korea opened a very unusual and even, one might say, scandalous Park Jeju Loveland. All that is on its territory, reveals the theme of intimate life in a very open form, which is more than 140 sculptures, educational films and a variety of art and interactive works. "There are no taboos, only the beauty of the natural sexuality!"

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Park called "the place where the art of erotic encounters aimed at love." Of course, some may say that such immoral sculptures have nothing to do with love. But it is important to know the origins of this park. After the Korean War, the island where the Jeju Loveland today, has become an extremely popular destination for honeymoon and wedding ceremonies. The warm climate, beautiful scenery - Korean newlyweds flew here like bees to honey. However, the tradition of the country provided for the conclusion of an arranged marriage of parents, and often newly minted husband and wife saw each other directly for the first time at the wedding. Given that the knowledge of young Koreans about the intimate lives were unacceptably low level, on the island of sexual education center was opened. Moreover, to the point even joined hotels: they were special officers to help overcome stiffness and shame of young couples.

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On the initiative of one of Seoul's University in 2002. 20 sculptors began to create work for the future of the park, which opened two years later. It covers an area of about two football fields, and all the sculptures you can safely get around an hour. Moreover, in addition to the permanent exhibition in the park there is also an exhibition of works by contemporary Korean artists, changing every month.

Despite calling the theme park, its purpose is, of course, is not pornography, and the destruction of existing taboos around sexuality. However, Lovlend park is not the first who took up such a delicate subject: even in the Victorian era was published more than a dozen of erotic books, so outspoken and controversial, that not everyone will be decided even today is to publish or read.


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