What is under the deepest hole in the world?

What is under the deepest hole in the world?
Photo credit: Rakot13 / Wikimedia Commons

Under this brewed iron lid is the deepest hole in the world ! According to legend achieving greater depth into the earth,began to be heard horrific and painful cries of hell ! And the borehole was quickly brewed with the thick iron lid !

the deepest hole in the worldMysterious palce.Photo credit: Андрей Перцев 1967/ Wikimedia Commons

Kola Superdeep Borehole is the result of scientific drilling project of the Soviet Union on the Kola Peninsula. Soviet scientists have tried to drill a hole as deep as possible in the Earth's crust. Drilling began May 24, 1970. More over , scientists started parallel drilling of other wells branching from a central borehole. Central borehole was named SG-3.

In 1989 it was given the task to reach the maximum possible depth of drilling depth.
The projected depth was 9.32 Miles (15 kilometers).
In 1983, the drill passed the mark of 7.45 Miles (12 kilometers).
On that day, drilling was stopped, the official version was because of numerous scientific studies and holidays for visitors of well.
But according to witnesses, on the day as soon as the drill reached the mark of 7.45 miles, from the well were heard horrific and chilling sounds like the cries of torment people. Boer immediately was stopped and it was reported it to Moscow.
One of the witnesses of those days was able to record an audio tape with those horrible screaming.
From Moscow commission after commission began to visit and inspect the boreholes .
Drilling was stopped for the year.

A year later, it was decided to continue drilling, but on the day September 27, 1984, there was a breakdown.
Part of drill string length 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) was unscrewed and was left in the hole.
All the witnesses of those days had the feeling that they were not allowed to to go farther.
Later it was decided to continue drilling.
Drilling re-started with a mark of 4.34 miles (7 kilometers).

In 1989, the drill reached a depth of 7.62 miles (12 kilometers).
It was officially stated that, due to higher, than-expected temperatures at this depth drilling was stopped. The stated temperature at the depth and on the spot was 356 ° F (180 ° C), instead of the expected 212 ° F (100 ° C).
Projected in a further increase in temperature at a depth of 9.3 miles (15 kilometers) would be operated at a temperature of 570 ° F (300 ° C), where the drill bit is no longer working.
For this reason, it was considered impossible to drill deeper and was discontinued in 1992.

The project was closed in late 2005 due to lack of funding. All drilling equipment was scrapped , studies were revised and the site was abandoned in 2008

deepest hole in the world Photo credit: Bigest/ Wikimedia Commons

Watch a video about the deepest hole in the world ( Kola Superdeep Borehole) presented by Hank Green from SciShow below:


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